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Additional Staff

Additional Staff

Joan Schulz, RN, MSN

My 28 years as a registered nurse has taken me from critical care, organ procurement, practice management, pain management, and presently with the University of Chicago Center for Liver Diseases.  I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Nancy Reau and Dr. Smruti Mohanty as their physician resource nurse.  I enjoy the collaborative environment the Hepatology section possesses.  It is rewarding for me to be an integral part in the coordination of our patient’s health care and the caring bond that is established with our patients.  Away from work I spend every waking moment interacting with my two daughters, horse, dog and cats.  I love caring for animals, reading, traveling and new adventures.

Mary Tiberg, RN, MSN

I began my career in nursing over 30 years ago.  Until my role in hepatology, I spent my time on the inpatient side of health care.  Seven years ago, a change in my husband’s job brought us to the Chicago area and me to a different role in nursing; that of outpatient hepatology.  I currently support two of the University physicians, Drs. Jensen and Satoskar.  My job is to make sure that your access to them and any of the testing and procedures that they may need, is as efficient and easy as possible.  After many years of working with patients and their families, I feel that I have found a job that has provided me with a tremendous amount of professional satisfaction, both in being helpful to patients and their families while supporting physicians in their care for you.  When I’m not working at the University, I’m doing just about anything that has to do with four legged friends.  My husband and I own a wonderful quarter horse that we ride just about any chance we get.  We also have adopted a german shepherd rescue dog that has certainly contributed to making our lives “whole”.

Elena Ignatiev, RN, BSN

I’ve been a nurse for 8 years.  I began my career in the inpatient setting primarily in Critical Care and moving to administration.  I have now made a shift in my focus to hepatology and the outpatient setting.  This has been a welcome and challenging change, allowing me to facilitate appointments, meet patients in clinic and follow up via phone calls.  When not at work I spend my time with friends and family in the city, rediscovering what Chicago has to offer!

  Monique Williams, MSN, RN

I have been a nurse for 20 years. I have experience as a med-surgical nurse for the 13 years before transitioning into the research setting. During my med-surg years, I also experienced in Home Care, Hospice and IV infusions. I recently obtained my MSN with a focus in Education.  I am happy to join the University of Chicago Center for Liver Diseases as their Research Clinical Nurse.  This has become my passion. I love being a part of the new research which ultimately advances the health of patients.  Patients involved in clinical trials are a special population and providing them the support they need to make it through their treatment is always a reward.  When I am not working, I enjoy taking my daughter to all of her activities.

  Elizabeth Greco, RN

Hello, I’m Beth and I am a pre-liver transplant coordinator.   My role consists of seeing patients in clinic, coordinating and scheduling follow up care, and patient phone contact.  The most rewarding aspect of my job is the wonderful relationships that develop over time with patients.  We get to know each others’ kids, pets, stressors and successes.

I am married with one child in college and one child in High School.  I like to cook and love to bake.  I have two silly dogs named Ruby and Pearl.  They are great alarm clocks, but don’t understand the concept of sleeping later on weekends.

  Cathie Solcani, RN, MSN

  Kathy Dasgupta, RN, MSN

  Jeanine Elkin, RN, CCTN

Hi I’m Jeanine and I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 13yrs.  I’ve been involved with transplant patients since early 2001 and received my CCTN (certified clinical transplant nurse) in May, 2006.  Prior to being a transplant nurse I worked as an Oncology Nurse.

I presently am responsible for the Live Liver Transplant program and all Hepatobiliary surgeries.  I need to make sure each patient has the proper education and all the necessary testing completed to have a safe and successful surgery.  My most fulfilling part of my position is helping my patients to understand what to expect regarding their impending surgery and to building a trusting patient relationship with them.

Outside of my working environment, I am a mother of three grown daughters.  I enjoy doing anything with my girls, but my favorite thing is being able to have a sit down home cooked meal (Yes, I cook too).  I have the gift of gab so we all like to talk – a lot.  I can ride my bike for hours on the trails near my home and I can dance till dawn.